Common Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoo designs usually feature bold blue and black outlines filled with solid red and greens with little to no shading at all. One of the most famous tattoo artist for this particular type of tattoo design is BoB Shaw (1926-1993), he was an American tattoo artist that learned how to do tattooing from Bert Grimm in St. Louis and later also worked with Grimm and became the president of National Tattoo Association from 1983-1988. Popular tattoo designs for old school style includes cherry, mermaid, heart, Harley Davidson, eagle, fish, rose, dagger tattoos, etc. People tend to choose a more traditional old school tattoos because of the variation of color it could project from the tattoo itself which makes them nicer to look at. They also have their own self-satisfaction when they have a tattoo that they want on their body.

Old School Tattoo Designs on Gangsters and Bikers
Most that uses this type of old school tattoo designs are gangsters and bikers, even though not everyone that uses them are bikers and gangsters but they are commonly associated with them. Why is this being said? For example Harley Davidson design is commonly found on Harley Davidson bikers gang members, their love for the type of motorcycle itself usually brings themselves in having their body inked with that symbol of motorcycle. Gangsters and pirates use a lot of dagger and rose tattoos, maybe to show their love for their loved ones when they use Rose tattoos. Yes, even gangster can feel love as well. Just because they are rough and hard on the outside, doesn’t mean they don’t have soft hearts in the inside. Loved ones could be their partner, friends or family members.

Owl Tattoo Design with Old School Style on Upper Back

12 Photos of the Common Old School Tattoo Designs

Traditional Tattoo Design on ArmTraditional Old School Tattoo with Rose and Gun DesignsTraditional Old School Tattoo Design with Heart on Fire StyleOwl Tattoo Design with Old School Style on Upper BackOld School Rose Tattoo Designs for WomenOld School Dagger Tattoo Designs for MenOld School Bird Tattoo Design IdeasHeart and Bird of Old School Tattoo Designs on Upper Back for GirlsCool Eagle Tattoo with Old School Design on Back for WomenColorful Old School Tattoo Designsbird tattoo with old school designsawesome old school tattoos designs on back for men

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