small tattoo design on wrist for women

The Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo designs for women is one body decoration that can make the people body look more beautiful. Tattoo maybe the new body decoration in this new era because in the past, tattoo is just for bad people such as punk and underground community. But, nowadays, tattoo is just body art decoration and has many beautiful design color, and model. There are many examples of tattoo designs for women that can […]

awesome cross tattoo design with quote for men

The Example of Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoo designs for men are one body art decoration that can make people who use it looks more stylish. There are two kinds of tattoo, first is Permanent Tattoo and the second is Temporary Tattoo. Usually tattoo is apply by women and place in the covered body like back, belle or on their sleeve, but men also use the tattoo so that men can looks more stylish. Sleeve is one […]

Beautiful Celebrity Angelina Jolie Tattoo Art Design on Arm

20 New Trend of Famous Tattoo Artist Design in 2014

Celebrity and artist are famous public figure, they always be trend setter for fashion style like hair style, nail design, dress or wardrobe design also tattoo design. Have you ever fanciful that you simply have a tattoo created by a famous tattoo artist within the world? Typically tattoo created by world-renowned tattoo artists has its own beauty, better-known a lot of for his work distinctive among the entire opposite tattoo […]

Polynesian Tattoo Ideas for Men

Polynesian Tattoo Designs Meanings

Polynesian tattoo designs have a lot of different meanings for all their different symbols. One of the most famous Polynesian designs is by using shells when choosing them as a design for their tattoos. Turtle shells for example, because turtle represents longevity, wellness, fertility and space are a lot used by people along with sea shells because they often symbolize in peacefulness, shield, protection and intimacy. One of the celebrities […]

awesome old school tattoos designs on back for men

Common Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoo designs usually feature bold blue and black outlines filled with solid red and greens with little to no shading at all. One of the most famous tattoo artist for this particular type of tattoo design is BoB Shaw (1926-1993), he was an American tattoo artist that learned how to do tattooing from Bert Grimm in St. Louis and later also worked with Grimm and became the president […]

mechanical gear tattoo design ideas

The Futuristic Bio Mechanical Tattoo Design

Biomechanical tattoo is a popular tattoo design that is created based on the rise of the science fiction movie. The idea of these themes is to implement the cybernetic limbs and mechanical parts artistic design in our body so we can look more scientific and futuristic. One of the most popular tattoo themes that based on biomechanical design is the robotic tattoo designs idea. The ideas are to implement the […]

nice-flower-tattoo design ideas on belly for girl

Beauty and Meaningful Birth Month Flowers Tattoos

Birth month flowers tattoos are different and permanent way to show someone’s birthday. Like the birthstone, birth month flowers are special flower assigned to each month. Flower and tattoo have a lot of common things on its beautiful designs and in the way they express the feelings and emotions. Both of them also have a meaning behind it. Tattoos with flowers designs are mostly done with bright colors and bold […]

Graffiti Tattoo Design with Urban Style

Urban Tattoo Designs in Ghetto Neighborhoods

Urban tattoo designs are widely seen in ghetto neighborhoods such as the Bronx in America. Most of these people are commonly associated with rap, hip hop and R&B music style. For example tattoos on Eminem and 50 Cent. Some of the lyrics in Ghetto lyrics even uses wordings such as “show them tattoos when you switch it up” which indicates their likings for tattoos and body inks on their girls. […]