beauty of cancer tattoo design ideas

Great Tribal Cancer Tattoos on Your Skin

Some people who believe in zodiac and such kinds of astrological things should have a lot of information about it. They will know their goods and bad things about their zodiacs. They pay attention to the lucky numbers, lucky days, the best colors to use and they do believe in such things. This addiction and beliefs in zodiacs lead people to make this zodiac as the idea for tattooing. There […]

Awesome Maori Tattoo Design and Meaning

The History of Maori Tattoo Designs

Maori tattoo designs is kind of tribal tattoo. This tattoo is comes from New Zealand. Actually, Maori as the founder of this tattoo is not New Zealand people, he comes from Eastern Polynesia. Since Captain James Cook and Joseph Banks fascinated and intrigued by Maori`s tattoo in 1769, they quick promote this tattoo over their friends. But unfortunately, there is no evidence about the time of Maori adopted his art […]

shoulder and sleeve tattoo design with samoan style

Awesome Samoan Tattoo Designs in Family Tribe

Samoan tattoo designs are not just designs you use as a random tattoo designs, especially for Samoan tribe or a Samoan born, these type of tattoo design brought up in generations by their ancestors are sacred for the. This is known for a fact that if you are born with a Samoan or Polynesian blood in you, when you reached certain age, you will get a symbolic tattoo usually on […]

Cool Celtic Tribal Tattoo Design on Arm

Tribal Tattoo Popularity among People

If we are discussing about tattoo and its related terms, the first thing that comes into the minds of common people will be a pack of gangster or villain in some action movie. However, the truth to be told is tattoo in the present day act as a means to express one personality and creativity. Tattoo can be considered as new arts that have the same level with the other […]

Aztec Tribal Tattoo on Sleeve

Tribal Tattoo Meanings and Functions from Time to Time

Tribal Tattoo is the most famous tattoo design than others. Most people choose this tattoo design to be applied on their skin due to the masculine impression brought by this design. However, how far you know about this tattoo design? The Origin Functions A long time ago, Tribal Tattoo was used to show someone‚Äôs identity of a certain tribe, religion, and also spiritual belief. This tattoo was also used to […]

awesome basketball tattoo design on upper back for men

The Popular Basketball Tattoo designs

Basketball tattoo designs are quite popular among the basketball player or basketball lover as a means to introduce their love and respect for the unique and enjoyable basketball sports. There are various basketball designs that can be used as a tattoo to inspire spirit and motivation to become the winner in the basketball competition. Of course in order to make a good basketball tattoo we need a good inspiration and […]

tattoo kingpin needle supply

Make Your Own Tattoo by the Help of Kingpitattoosupply

Tattoo has been something attractive, innovative, interesting and captivating. Perhaps some people will argue a lot when talking about tattoo as they think tattoo will represent something bad in the past and something that people should forget in their past events. Tattoo could also the best media for the people to show their high appreciation in art especially in body painting. Body painting or body tattooing can be done by […]

simple quote of tattoo on ribs

20 Inspirational Tattoo Quotes

Sometimes people can get their life inspiration and motivations from tattoo quotes on other people bodies. This tattoo design becomes popular because of its inspirational and memorable expressions. People who have this kind of tattoos mostly are teens. They love taking quotes from famous figures and show it off to public as their mind expressions. They are also inked their selves with this kind of tattoo to remember their special […]