cool harley davidson tattoo on lower back for men

Most Fascinating Designs to Consider for Your Harley Davidson Tattoo

If you are a rider of Harley Davidson, it is so sure that Harley Davidson tattoo is the one that arrest your attention for the first time when you decide to get inked. Certainly, there are quite a lot of Harley Davidson tattoo designs that are available for you to choose. Even so, you have to know that there are only some found to be most fascinating. That is why […]

why so serious joker tattoo design on arm

Joker Tattoo: Scary or Cute Instead?

Joker is one of many characters in Batman movie that people choose to be tattooed on their body. People love this fictional character because he is known as an intelligent criminal who is so tricky and full of ideas. Tattooing this Joker Tattoo on their body means showing how smart and scary they are. But, don’t you know that even though the real look of Joker is scary, there is […]

Unique Tree Tattoo Design with Bird and Quote

The Mystical Tree Tattoo Designs

Tree tattoo designs are simple and unique tattoo designs which quite uncommon to be used. Even though its low popularity, this unique tattoo design offer a unique and deep meaning. The tree design in this tattoo gives a mystical vibe for the person who uses it because according to some ancient culture especially the old paganism and Norse mythology in ancient history of Europe tree is the symbol of life. […]

black rose and skull tattoo design ideas

The Symbol of Black Rose Tattoo

As people know that there will be a lot of choices when it comes the time for someone to choose the best one they are looking for. It could be hobbies, pets, your beloved stuffs, colors, gadget, food, entertainment programs, movie actors or actress and also arts. No matter what kind of people are you, the writer highly believed that someone should have an interest in art whether it is […]

new life inspirational quote tattoo on back

Having an Idea of Inspirational Tattoos – Why Not?

When talking about tattoo, there will be a great discussion and also argument between people who love arts and some other people who do not. For those who love art, they will think that having a tattoo is a great decision as it will be something cool and awesome. It looks like both you and art are inseparable so that what you have done to your body is precious and […]

hot and sexy bow tattoo for girl on lower back

Lower Back Tattoo Designs on Girls

Lower back tattoo designs are a lot used on girls rather than on guys because girls think it would be sexy by using crow tops and low-rise jeans and when they sit somehow they could reveal their tattoo that they have back there. This type of tattoo done in the lower back is usually called the “tramp stamp” tattoo. Not a nice name for a tattoo we know, but sometime […]

Fabulous Walk Da Walk One Tattoo Font Design Ideas

Cool Tattoo Fonts Design Ideas for Your Inspiration

Creating a fine looking tattoo style is incredibly simple as a result of it comes with a spread of tattoo styles, even you were terribly simple to urge it to merely look into magazines or the web, and you’ll conjointly simply realize a tattoo creative person premises close that provides several styles. If you wish to own a straightforward and enticing style, you’ll select cool tattoo fonts for show solely […]

Simple Unique Tattoo Design on Leg

Several Unique Tattoo Ideas based on Popular Culture

Unique tattoo ideas have been a popular choice by many tattoo community. The ideas or design usually comes from different kinds of things such as myth, legend and culture. Due to the complexity of the design, the unique the design’s the more popular the tattoo. A good example of a tattoo design that use unique theme is the tattoo design that are based on the video games character. There are […]