Inner Lip Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Lip Tattoo Concept Designs

Lip tattoo ideas are one in every of the foremost extreme since lip, in fact, isn’t a usual tattooing spot. Oft people can think about you as a crazy person owing to the lip tattoo as they think about it as associate impossible spot for obtaining inked. No matter what folks understand, lip tattoo is obtaining applicable. As a proof, you’ll notice a lot of and a lot of folks […]

pretty vine tattoos with butterfly on feet for women

Decorative Vine Tattoo Designs

Having a tattoo means that you are getting to know about the self identity of yourself either you want to make your identity becomes something in an artistic way or in a neutral way. Tattoo is also an expression that is done by someone or some people as they highly respect the art. There are countless of people who have their bodies get tattooed entirely. It is because the bond […]

Celtic Bird Tattoo Designs on Back for Men

The Mystical and Mysterious Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoo designs are considered as one of the oldest tattoo design in the ancient culture of Europe history. Celtic culture is known in the history as one of the culture that tries to life in harmony with the nature. Some of the design usually uses unique and special drawing technique that resembling the root of the tree or some nature inspired tattoo designs. Celtic culture itself is a unique […]

cute small tattoo design on foot

Small Tattoo Design for Women

Life always changes and improves into a better way it should be. It could be seen from the way of dressing, the way of behaving, the tons of gadget options, and else. Due to this comprehension, both men and women have the equal right to do the things. Women can do what men do. It works the same way as men’s hobbies. One of the hobbies stated before is about […]

Cool Cover Up Tattoo on Chest with Polynesian Style

Polynesian Tattoo Designs Meanings

Polynesian tattoo designs have a lot of different meanings for all their different symbols. One of the most famous Polynesian designs is by using shells when choosing them as a design for their tattoos. Turtle shells for example, because turtle represents longevity, wellness, fertility and space are a lot used by people along with sea shells because they often symbolize in peacefulness, shield, protection and intimacy. One of the celebrities […]

urban grafitti tattoo design ideas on upper back for men

Inspiring Popular Urban Tattoo Designs

Urban tattoo designs are quite popular this day and have received different kinds of art style that makes urban tattoo quite popular for every tattoo community. Some of the designs of this tattoo are inspired from various different things. However, the inspiration are mostly comes from the culture and arts that has been known in the ages of the world. A good example for culture inspired urban tattoo designs are […]

Tattoo Removal for Tribal Tattoos

Some Benefits and Risks of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove permanent tattoos on the skin. Another way to remove tattoos is through surgery. However, surgery leaves scars or keloid on the skin that makes skin does not look smooth and pretty. Tattoo removal using laser has its own benefits and risks. The risk is relatively minor than the surgical method though. Laser tattoo removal procedure is also easier than surgery. […]

Amazing Skull and Red Rose Tattoo Design

21 Red Rose Tattoo Beauty Design

Red rose tattoo is one of the most common tattoo that commonly used by various people in this world. The beauty of having a red colored rose design in our body will make us much more confident in our life. These kinds of tattoo are quite popular among the ladies because of the beautiful design. Rose tattoo itself has a deep meaning which means beauty and survivability. It means that […]