sexy lotus flower tattoo deisgn on side for woman

Beautiful and Oriental Style Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Lotus flower tattoo designs are one of the examples of a tattoo designs that use oriental or eastern designs inspirations. This unique tattoo is quite popular in the eastern country such as japan, china and Taiwan because it holds a deep meaning behind its beautiful design. The lotus flower is considered as a symbol of life, grace and beauty. People who use this tattoo will be granted a grace in […]

Cool Joker Tattoo Design Ideas

Joker Tattoo: When Life Is Too Precious to be Lived in a Too Serious Way

When you think that Joker’s words “why so serious” is something that you think to be right, Joker Tattoo is certainly something that you have to consider when about to get inked. Even if you apply Joker Tattoo design on your skin, it does not mean that you also have to act like a villain. It is just a kind of reminder that sometime you do not need to be […]

chest tattoo style with quote design

Chest Tattoo Style Empowering Both Masculinity and Beauty

Almost every part of your body skin is a blank canvas for carving creativity in the form of tattoos. Chest, as one of the painful places to put a tattoo, provides wider space for you to develop your creativity. Chest Tattoo Style varies depending on the users’ taste. Tattoo is a reflection of the user’s soul and personality. Thus, the Chest Tattoo Style for men and women can be different. […]

Colorful Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

The Magnificent Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are one of the examples of a unique body art panting and still exist in the common society. Before we describe about dreamcacther tattoo we need to know that tattoo is using two kinds of paints, first is permanent paint and the second is temporary paint. For people, tattoo is just body art to make the creativity and also to doing some hobby. A tattoo artist usually […]

Simple Feather Tattoo on Wrist

How to Pick a Feather Tattoo Designs

Feather tattoo designs are the best design for you that adore freedom and love, and want to ink it on your body. Choosing a design or a feather bird itself isn’t an easy task, because there are so many birds’ feathers you can choose from. Different birds’ feathers have different meanings if you are going to have their feathers inked on your body. Some people could choose to have the […]

Graffiti Tattoo Design with Urban Style

Urban Tattoo Designs in Ghetto Neighborhoods

Urban tattoo designs are widely seen in ghetto neighborhoods such as the Bronx in America. Most of these people are commonly associated with rap, hip hop and R&B music style. For example tattoos on Eminem and 50 Cent. Some of the lyrics in Ghetto lyrics even uses wordings such as “show them tattoos when you switch it up” which indicates their likings for tattoos and body inks on their girls. […]

Cool Celtic Tribal Tattoo Design on Arm

Tribal Tattoo Popularity among People

If we are discussing about tattoo and its related terms, the first thing that comes into the minds of common people will be a pack of gangster or villain in some action movie. However, the truth to be told is tattoo in the present day act as a means to express one personality and creativity. Tattoo can be considered as new arts that have the same level with the other […]

Indian Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs on Thigh

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs Used in Movie

Dream catcher tattoo designs itself usually is done with the design of a circle with nets inside of it and below it there’s feathers attached to the circle. There are a lot of different meanings in myths about this dream catcher design. One of them is to catch people’s dream and filter them from the good ones and the bad ones. The tattoo designs when done properly can look very […]