cool angel wing tattoo on back for women

The Importance of Cool Tattoo Design on Your Self-Confidence

A tattoo can make someone feel confident but it can also make the user embarrassed. It all depends on the design, quality, and the placement of the tattoo. Cool and adorable tattoo is everyone’s dream. Because of this, there are many things should be concerned with in choosing Cool Tattoo Design. Why Is It Important to Choose Cool Tattoo Design? One important thing is that a tattoo is a reflection […]

awesome dollar money tattoo designs

Money Tattoo Designs Using Dollar Signs or Bills

Money tattoo designs comes with varieties such as dollar signs, money bills, money bags, the color green or even just denomination of the money number itself. Having a money tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean you are greedy or money hungry. It could mean that you simply like the simple design of dollar sign. A lot of musician specially rappers and R&B singers also uses this dollar design, which they called “blings” […]

awesome lotus flower tattoo on back for girl

Beautiful and Oriental Style Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Lotus flower tattoo designs are one of the examples of a tattoo designs that use oriental or eastern designs inspirations. This unique tattoo is quite popular in the eastern country such as japan, china and Taiwan because it holds a deep meaning behind its beautiful design. The lotus flower is considered as a symbol of life, grace and beauty. People who use this tattoo will be granted a grace in […]

unique small finger tattoo ideas for girls

Unique Tattoo Ideas to Show Off

A good tattoo will make you feel happy and glad. A great tattoo will make you feel confident. A perfect and stunning tattoo will make you feel awesome, be different and also be the center of attention. No one will ever want to have an imperfect and messy tattoo. It is because people will never notice something perfect; they will notice something imperfect perfectly and compare some better options. There […]

Cool Pheonix and Clouds Tattoo Design Ideas on Back for Men

The Beauty of Cloud Tattoo Designs

Cloud tattoo designs is the most unique tattoo that people ever had. It is unique because what a inspiration to use cloud as tattoo. As we know that cloud is mass of liquid crystals of water that have been suspended in the atmosphere. The beauty of cloud tattoo is come from the various perspectives about the cloud. In Chinese, clouds are symbol for transformation and transition of a soul. Then, […]

cherry blossom tattoo designs

Inspiring Sakura Tree Tattoo Ideas from Japan

Trees and crops are pictures which are hardly ever chosen by tattoo lovers to get printed on their physique. I’m not actually certain in regards to the causes, but it surely should be all about selections and personal tattoo style. Truly, if you may get an ideal design and dimension, a tree tattoo will look so creative and incredible in your body. Furthermore, it can additionally look so distinctive since […]

black tribal shoulder tattoos for men

Several Popular Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder tattoos are one of the popular tattoo ideas for any gender either it male or female. There are many different kinds of ideas and inspiration to make a good shoulder tattoo. For examples, you can try to use the mythical beast or legendary animal designs as your tattoo ideas for your shoulder. There are many kinds of different legendary animal such as dragons, phoenix or even the intimidating chimera […]

cool black sailor anchor tattoos design ideas on feet

History of Tattoos of the Sailors

History of tattoos began over 5000 years ago. It was first originated found on walls not on human skins. The word tattoo itself derived from the Polynesian word “ta” which means striking something and Tahitian word “tatau” which means marking something. Tattoos began discovered on human skin in Egypt. In 1891, archaeologists discovered the Egyptian female mummy that was believed as a priestess of the goddess Hathor, who lived at […]