Best Online Tattoo Games for Free

There are many different types of online tattoo games on the internet today. The games provide various style of game play, such as sketching, designing and coloring the tattoo on the character. These games also can help to inspire you with its attractive designs if you are planning to get tattooed. Here are most popular and best online games of tattoo you can play for free.

Tattoo Games Artist Series (Tattoo Artist 1, 2 and 3)
This is one of favorite online tattoo games. In this game you have to draw a tattoo with limited time race against the clock. You need to draw the tattoo carefully without making the lines go outside the sketch or you will lose points. Once the clock is done counting, the game will calculate your total score. If the score does not reach or beat the goal score then you lose the game. If the score match the goal score then you can move to the next round that more difficult to play. Tattoo artist game also presents Tattoo Artist 2 and 3. In Tattoo Artist 2, the game is better and more challenging then the first one. In this game you have to ink up more customers. While in Tattoo Artist 3, the tattoo drawings are more difficult than the first two games. In this one of tattoo games series, you will put on job with more customers and cash and finish the job with piercing the customers.

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Thor Tattoo Artist Game
This game will help you to practice your skill on designing tattoo. Thor Tattoo Artist game is a game with scoring and timing point system. This game is one of popular free online tattoo games because it is a very fun and easy game to play. To move on to next level, you have to earn a lot of points and do not run out of the time. If you are run out the time then you lose the game. The score is determined by how much the tattoo you completed and the damage you caused.

11 Photos of the Best Online Tattoo Games for Free

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