Beauty and Meaningful Birth Month Flowers Tattoos

Birth month flowers tattoos are different and permanent way to show someone’s birthday. Like the birthstone, birth month flowers are special flower assigned to each month. Flower and tattoo have a lot of common things on its beautiful designs and in the way they express the feelings and emotions. Both of them also have a meaning behind it. Tattoos with flowers designs are mostly done with bright colors and bold outline. These tattoos are usually inked on hips, neck, back, shoulder, sleeves, and chest skin. If you plan to have this kind of tattoos, provide yourself with information about birth month flowers as follows.

Birth Month Flowers Tattoos and Their Meanings
For someone who was born on April, the suitable flowers tattoos are Carnation and Snowdrop flower. Those flowers have same meaning; they are love, purity and fascination. February’s flower is violet which means loyalty and faithfulness. March’s birth flowers are Daffodil and Jonquil, which mean rebirth, unequaled love and respect. The flowers tattoos for someone who was born on April is Daisy which gratitude, innocent and loyal love.
On May, birth month flower is Lily of the valley. This flower signifies happiness, sweetness and humility. May is Rose, which means everlasting love, gratitude and appreciation. May’s birth flowers tattoos are water lily and larkspur. Water lily means joyful and purity, while Larkspur means levity, fickleness and sweet. The birth month for May is Gladiolus, which means moral integrity. On May, you can have tattoo of Aster flower that is a symbol of powerful love and patience.

lily flower tattoo design ideas on belly

Tattoo of Marigold flower is for May’s birth month, which means grace and hopefulness. However, in British culture, Marigold flower signifies grief, sorrow and sympathy. May’s birth flower is Chrysanthemum. You can ink red Chrysanthemum tattoo to show love. The white Chrysanthemum tattoo shows pure love and yellow Chrysanthemum shows slighted love. On May the appropriate flowers tattoos is the Narcissus, which means self-esteem and vanity.

16 Photos of the Beauty and Meaningful Birth Month Flowers Tattoos

red rose tattoo on back shoulder for womanvertical flower tattoo on back for womenunique flower tattoo on shouldertattoo design ideas of flower and leavered rose tattoo design ideaspurple flower tattoo on shouldernice-flower-tattoo design ideas on belly for girllily flower tattoo design ideas on bellyfull color tattoo design ideascute tattoo lily flower design ideascool purple 3d flower tattoo designscool flower tatoo on belly for womenbeuatiful flower with branch and bird on backbeautiful sakura flower tattoo design ideasbeautiful flower tattoo design for womenawesome rose tattoos on girls shoulder

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