Attractive and Masculine Adam Levine’s Tattoo Ideas

Who does not know the handsome guy Adam Levine? He is the Maroon Five’s vocalist that has a very beautiful and sexy body, and of course he also has a very beautiful and charming voice as well. If you really watch every performance that he has, you must be understood that he has many tattoos that adorn his body. For you who interested to make some of Adam Levine’s tattoo ideas, you can find it below about what model or design that he has on his body.

Adam Levine’s Tattoos on Arms
You will find that Adam Levine’s tattoo ideas that he has on his arms are quite attractive and sexy. He has a tiger tattoo on his right hand, and winged flower on his left hand. You can follow Adam Levine’s sexy tattoo ideas that will make your body look more awesome.

lettering los angeles tattoo on adam levine's shoulder

Adam Levine’s Tattoos on Chest
Adam Levine’s tattoo ideas on his chest are quite interesting since he make a dolphin tattoo, Hindi words, a kind of flower or something above his right chest and a kind of bird on his under chest. You can follow to make any kind of those tattoo designs just to be another handsome and sexy Adam Levine.

13 Photos of the Attractive and Masculine Adam Levine’s Tattoo Ideas

wild tiger tattoo design on adam levine'ssexy adam levine full sleeve tattoo design ideasSexy Adam Levine Full Body Tattoo Ideaslettering los angeles tattoo on adam levine's shouldercool adam levine's tattoo marron singercool adam levine with tattoocool adam levine tattoos on carcool adam levine tattoo tiger on armcool adam levine back's tattoo design ideasawesome adam levine shark tattoo design on ribatractive adam levine's body tattoos for menadam levine wing tattoo on right chestadam levine tattoo on armjpg

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