A Hot Girl with Dragonfly Tattoo

A girl with the dragon tattoo, who doesn’t know this movie? Well, I guess everybody does. Lizbeth, the main character of the movie has a dragon tattoo on her back. That is so exotic, powerful yet beautiful at the same time. Dragon tattoo may be too masculine for some girlish women. Instead, you can swift to a dragonfly tattoo. It will be very cute and beautiful as well. Compared to the dragon, dragonfly even fits female more. The animal which comes from the ancient time symbolizes the high dreams of female.

Hot dragonfly tattoo on neck and shoulder
Women with dragonfly tattoo on some certain part of their bodies will look sexier and attractive. Some body parts to be tattooed to look hot are neck and shoulder. If you intend to get a tattoo on your body, choose one of these areas. The tattoo on the neck will make you look adorable when you tie your hair. And, if you tattooed your shoulder and you use dress with open shoulder, you will definitely look hot.

great tribal dragonfly tattoo design on back of shoulder

Dragonfly tattoo on your back
Another body part recommended to be tattooed by a dragonfly tattoo is your back. Having the tattoo on this body part, when you wear backless dress, your dragonfly tattoo on back will amaze people.

14 Photos of the A Hot Girl with Dragonfly Tattoo

simple small dragonfly tattoo design on upper backrealistic 3d dragonfly tattoo design on lower backLovely Purple Dragonfly Tattoo Design Ideasgreat tribal dragonfly tattoo design on back of shoulderDragonfly Tattoo with Water Tattoo Stylecute small spiral dragonly tattoo designCute Dragonfly Tattoo Design on Shoulder for Womencute dragonfly tattoo design on footcute 3d dragonfly tattoo design for girlscool tribal dragonfly tattoo on lower backcolorful dragonfly foot tattoo design on footBig Dragonfly Tattoo Design on Side Rib for Girlanimal tattoo of dragonfly design on leg3d dragonfly arm tattoo design for women

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