lower back tree tattoos for women

The Wonderful Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower back tattoo designs is one of the most common tattoo that being used by various people especially the community that loves tattoo. In this day, tattoo is become the body art tattoo since in the past tattoo is show about the naughty society like punk. But, tattoo can become the art since there are many beautiful designs. Hand and sleeve is two body parts that become the favorite place […]

Small Wrist Cover Up Tattoos Ideas

Tips for Covering Your Old Tattoo with New One

Everlasting tattoo is troublesome to remove. Though it may be eliminated, the process is painful and it prices a lot cash. In case you are bored along with your tattoo, you may cover it up with the brand new one. The concept of tattoo cover-up is appropriate for individuals who need to change their tattoo. With some creativity, you may renew your tattoo with out removing your older tattoo. You […]

uv tattoo design on head

The Classy and Glow in the Dark UV Tattoo Designs

UV tattoo designs are quite popular and have become a new staple in the art of tattoo. The main idea of this tattoo is to provide a new and different feature for the tattoo to make it more mysterious and have a mystical feeling in it. The design of this type of tattoo is almost the same with your ordinary tattoo designs. However, what makes them special and different from […]

beautiful tribal bird tattoo design ideas

The Pretty Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

Hummingbird tattoo designs are good tattoo designs ideas for people who want to get a new tattoo designs that have unique and pretty feature. Hummingbird itself is a cute bird that symbolizes happiness and joyful life in some culture, which becomes a popular tattoo for people who believes that they will get a happy life if they are using the humming bird design as their tattoo ideas. Even though the […]

awesome 3d shoulder plate tattoo designs

Several Popular Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder tattoos are one of the popular tattoo ideas for any gender either it male or female. There are many different kinds of ideas and inspiration to make a good shoulder tattoo. For examples, you can try to use the mythical beast or legendary animal designs as your tattoo ideas for your shoulder. There are many kinds of different legendary animal such as dragons, phoenix or even the intimidating chimera […]

hawaiian tribal tattoo designs

The Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Women

Polynesian tattoo designs are one of the types of tattoo that are quite popular in the tattoo community due to its unique designs. Tattoo itself has become famous since there are many artists that improve the tattoo become the great body art designs. People in the past always thinking if draw a tattoo is just for a bad guy. The little community punk is one example of tattoo user, and […]

Simple Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

The Magnificent Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are one of the examples of a unique body art panting and still exist in the common society. Before we describe about dreamcacther tattoo we need to know that tattoo is using two kinds of paints, first is permanent paint and the second is temporary paint. For people, tattoo is just body art to make the creativity and also to doing some hobby. A tattoo artist usually […]

Full Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men

Unique Full Body Tattoo: Mythological and Word Nerd Tattoo

In some part of the world, there are many people who love tattoo and they can’t just get enough with it. Once they tattoo themselves, they want it more and more. Finally, they tend to tattoo their whole body parts. Every tattoo on their body represents something more than just a picture. It means their characters, dreams, happiness, disappointment, etc. In short, for them, tattoo means life. For the style […]