celtic tattoo designs with irish style

Exotic and Traditional Irish Tattoo designs

Irish tattoo designs are pretty exotic and unique because it is mainly based on the old mythology of ancient Europe. In the ancient times people of Europe especially the northern people are using worshiping the Norse god of pantheon as their deity. The Irish are also the same in the ancient times and some of them even using tattoo as a symbol of their exploit and bravery. The tattoo usually […]

cool superman logo tattoo design on upper arm

The Heroic Superman Chest Tattoos Design

Superman Chest Tattoos design; it is one of the most popular tattoo designs in this modern day and in the past due to the popularity of the superman. Superman is an alien that comes from the planet krypton and tasked to bring the survivability of his people because he is the only one left from the extinct kryptonian people. The story are developed very good by DC comics and has […]

beautiful chest tattoo design ideas for sexy women

The Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo designs for women is one body decoration that can make the people body look more beautiful. Tattoo maybe the new body decoration in this new era because in the past, tattoo is just for bad people such as punk and underground community. But, nowadays, tattoo is just body art decoration and has many beautiful design color, and model. There are many examples of tattoo designs for women that can […]

awesome graffiti tattoos designs ideas on arm

Graffiti Tattoo Designs For Men

Graffiti tattoo designs become the main style among tattoo lovers nowadays. Tattoo itself has become the part of people nowadays. The main reason is because tattoo may always provide people with appearance enhancement. If we are talking about tattoo, you may recognize the most about in how people may look for the idea to get the most suitable option of tattoo from the marketplace. In this case, the idea to […]

Beautiful Star Tattoo Designs Tattoos For Women

Awesome Tattoos of Stars Designs

Tattoos of stars are very popular among the tattoo enthusiasts, especially women. This unisex tattoo designs is a great choice for the first-timers inked. This tattoo designs is also very popular tattoo among sailors. They choose the tattoos for guidance and protection. You can get the tattoos with many options of designs and prices. Nowadays, there are many star tattoos design on the internet. You can find the inspiration from […]

lower back tattoo designs with sexy style pose

Top Sexy Tattoos Designs for Women

Sexy tattoos designs are very attractive. Many women become interested in applying sexy tattoo since they believe that it can improve their appearance. In addition to the appearance, many women also believe that it can also make them become sexier in front of the man that they love. There are many designs of sexy tattoo that can be chosen from flower until some combinations of sexy tattoo. Some women also […]

sexy peacock feather tattoo design ideas

The Aesthetic of Peacock Feather Tattoos

Peacock feather tattoos is the best tattoos design for most people. Peacock, the name of bird is really amazing. This bird has beautiful feather and so colorful. For this reason, people start to imitate the beautiful feather of peacock, then put it on their body. Most people say peacock feather is really amazing. The feather of peacock represent the beauty of the bird. It has much of aesthetic values. Moreover, […]

sailor jerry tattoo design with swallow

The Legendary Sailor Jerry Tattoos Designs

Sailor Jerry tattoos is tattoos designed by a famous and legendary Norman Keith Collins (1911-1973) which is well known for his tattoo design of sailor. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is a foremost tattoo artist in his time. His inspiration and imaginary of tattoo come when he travels to the Southeast Asia Ocean at the age of 19 when he enlisted as US Navy. The Characteristic of Sailor Jerry Tattoos Sailor […]