butterfly tribal tattoo design ideas

Various Inspirations for Ankle Tattoo Designs

Ankle Tattoo designs is quite divergent and varied. We can try to choose different types of themes as the basic idea for our ankle tattoo. Some of the ideas and inspiration can come from different picture, ideas or even culture. One of the most basic ideas that we can use is the nature itself. For examples, we can try to implement a flower tattoo into our ankle. There are many […]

meaningful diamond tattoo design on hand

The Meaning of Diamond Tattoo Designs

Diamond Tattoo Designs are a good choice of tattoo if you know the deep meaning of the tattoo. The diamond tattoo design has a good meaning that symbolizes wealth, hardship and beauty. Just like the real diamond in this world. A famous diamond can only be found by using hardship and wealth. Diamond is also symbolizing beauty because a diamond is considered as women’s best friends. Therefore diamond is very […]

unique snake tattoo design ideas with meaning

The Cunning Snake Tattoos Style Ideas

Snake tattoos are one of the most powerful and cool tattoos design that can be found today. The power of this tattoo design is coming from the basic nature of the snake itself which is cunning, powerful and of course intimidating. There are different types of snake designs that can be used as the main ideas of the tattoo design. For example, if we used a basic tattoo design we […]

old red car tattoos design ideas on arm

Best and Inspirational Car Tattoos Designs

Car tattoos are a symbol of dedication, love, passion and desire to a car. People who love car will have it as their tattoo and will be glad to pay much for its great designs. However, other reasons are because car is considered as engineering works of art, symbol of metallic power, adventure and personal identity. Car enthusiasts love to be tattooed with their personal favorite type of cars. They […]

Simple Pretty Tattoo Design on Thigh for Women

Pretty Tattoo Designs for Women

Pretty tattoo designs are meant to make women look more feminine and elegant. Many women usually have a flower tattoo on their body, because the meaning of flowers is the joy of life and the pure feeling of love. With the flower on their body, women are seems to express their feeling of a person which wants to be caressed and loved. Then, we have star tattoo design, the design […]

model from tattoo convension

Americas Tattoo Conventions

For those who like to see anything about tattooing world up and close, they can come to tattoo conventions. The conventions are place for tattoo artists and enthusiasts gathering. The first world tattoo convention was held in Houston, Texas on April 24-25, 1976. The event was held by President of the North American Tattoo Club named Dave Yurkew. The conventions were held from small to major international events sponsored by […]

classic tattoo design

The Exotic Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoo designs are one of the oldest tattoo design in this world before the upcoming of new art in tattoo. In the old times, tattoo is used as a symbol of bravery and achievement for the tattoo user. A good example will be the Indian and native people in America. The tradition of embedding a tattoo can only be used for any elite member of the community that […]

black rose on side tattoo designs

Side Tattoo Designs for Tattoo Lovers

Side tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo designs which are loved by many people because of its unique and brave designs. Side tattoo usually apply on the right or left sides of the body, stretch from side hip to side chest. The beauty of this designs are you will find that it gives you a fine picture and a lot of feeling of brave, because if you […]