Macho Grafiti Tattoos Designs on Bicep for Men

Graffiti Tattoo Designs For Men

Graffiti tattoo designs become the main style among tattoo lovers nowadays. Tattoo itself has become the part of people nowadays. The main reason is because tattoo may always provide people with appearance enhancement. If we are talking about tattoo, you may recognize the most about in how people may look for the idea to get the most suitable option of tattoo from the marketplace. In this case, the idea to […]

Simple Pretty Tattoo Design on Thigh for Women

Pretty Tattoo Designs for Women

Pretty tattoo designs are meant to make women look more feminine and elegant. Many women usually have a flower tattoo on their body, because the meaning of flowers is the joy of life and the pure feeling of love. With the flower on their body, women are seems to express their feeling of a person which wants to be caressed and loved. Then, we have star tattoo design, the design […]

simple clouds and star tattoo designs on hip

The Beauty of Cloud Tattoo Designs

Cloud tattoo designs is the most unique tattoo that people ever had. It is unique because what a inspiration to use cloud as tattoo. As we know that cloud is mass of liquid crystals of water that have been suspended in the atmosphere. The beauty of cloud tattoo is come from the various perspectives about the cloud. In Chinese, clouds are symbol for transformation and transition of a soul. Then, […]

carpe diem sailor tattoos history on chest

History of Tattoos of the Sailors

History of tattoos began over 5000 years ago. It was first originated found on walls not on human skins. The word tattoo itself derived from the Polynesian word “ta” which means striking something and Tahitian word “tatau” which means marking something. Tattoos began discovered on human skin in Egypt. In 1891, archaeologists discovered the Egyptian female mummy that was believed as a priestess of the goddess Hathor, who lived at […]

Black Tribal Scorpion Tattoo Designs on Rib for Sexy Girls

15 Cool Scorpio Tattoos for Men

Scorpio Tattoos for Men – Before we tend to talking several things regarding tattoo style, we’ll offer you the which means of tattoo. only for your info supported Wikipedia, a tattoo could be a style of body modification, created by inserting ink into the stratum layer of the skin to vary the pigment. you’ll draw several factor is your body. Zodiac is additionally the simplest selection for tattoo style. these […]

feminine female tattoos designs on foot

The Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo designs for women is one body decoration that can make the people body look more beautiful. Tattoo maybe the new body decoration in this new era because in the past, tattoo is just for bad people such as punk and underground community. But, nowadays, tattoo is just body art decoration and has many beautiful design color, and model. There are many examples of tattoo designs for women that can […]

awesome tribal hair tattoo design for men

Options to Choose Related to the Hair Tattoo

Having a tattoo might cause you become different than before since people will look at you in a respectful way or even in vice versa. People who like it will see it as a good way to express yourself while other people who hate it will find tattoo as a terrible option to put it in the body. An idea of adding a new tattoo should be accompanied with the […]

scary tattoo design angel of death

Most-Used Images in Scary Design Tattoo

Scary Design Tattoo is actually quite the same with any other tattoo designs that are available right now, in the way that there are some images considered to be most perfect to be used in Scary Tattoo Design. If you are curious enough about what kind of designs used more in this kind of tattoo, here are some of the examples. Skull Tattoo The first image used more in Scary […]