round style of polynesian tattoo on arm

Polynesian Tattoo Designs Meanings

Polynesian tattoo designs have a lot of different meanings for all their different symbols. One of the most famous Polynesian designs is by using shells when choosing them as a design for their tattoos. Turtle shells for example, because turtle represents longevity, wellness, fertility and space are a lot used by people along with sea shells because they often symbolize in peacefulness, shield, protection and intimacy. One of the celebrities […]

traditional upper arm tattoo designs for men

Traditional Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoo designs for men can be used in so many ways, traditional ways or modern ways. More traditional ways of people having tattoos done on their bodies is usually because they need to mark themselves as a symbol when they are living in a tribe. There are a lot of tribes in Indonesia that still uses tattoos to mark their tribe members, for both men and women. Particularly for men […]

Dreamcatcher with Quote Tattoo Design on Side

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs Used in Movie

Dream catcher tattoo designs itself usually is done with the design of a circle with nets inside of it and below it there’s feathers attached to the circle. There are a lot of different meanings in myths about this dream catcher design. One of them is to catch people’s dream and filter them from the good ones and the bad ones. The tattoo designs when done properly can look very […]

realistic tribal hummingbird tattoo design ideas

The Pretty Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

Hummingbird tattoo designs are good tattoo designs ideas for people who want to get a new tattoo designs that have unique and pretty feature. Hummingbird itself is a cute bird that symbolizes happiness and joyful life in some culture, which becomes a popular tattoo for people who believes that they will get a happy life if they are using the humming bird design as their tattoo ideas. Even though the […]

design your own tattoo

The Money Tattoos Design Phenomenon

Money tattoos designs are an example of the advancement of the art of tattoos. There are several different kinds of tattoos designs, however, tattoos with money picture is quite unique and different from the other designs. What makes these tattoos unique is because it is an expression on how people or human cannot free from the chain of money. Money has become an object that can control the life of […]

cool tree tattoo design on chest for men

The Mystical Tree Tattoo Designs

Tree tattoo designs are simple and unique tattoo designs which quite uncommon to be used. Even though its low popularity, this unique tattoo design offer a unique and deep meaning. The tree design in this tattoo gives a mystical vibe for the person who uses it because according to some ancient culture especially the old paganism and Norse mythology in ancient history of Europe tree is the symbol of life. […]

couple bird tattoo design on upper back for women

Bird Tattoo Designs for Both Men and Women

Bird tattoo designs are not particular for a gender, because they could fit perfectly to be used as a design for both male and female. Sailors for example uses the bluebird tattoo too symbolize they have done at least 5,000 miles on the ocean, they usually have two birds facing each other; one is red and one is blue. Justin Bieber also tweeted on his tweeter account that he newly […]

cross tattoo design for temporarry tattoo on back

Having a Durable Temporary Tattoo Design: Possible or Not?

Children, teenagers, and those working in certain companies are commonly banned of using tattoos on the body. However, for some cases, like small parties, events, or their favorite football-club matches, you may think of making an easy-to-remove tattoo. Thus, temporary tattoo is really suitable for you. You can make custom Temporary tattoo Design, guided by the tattooist and his advices. The benefits of Using Temporary Tattoo People love to use […]