Best Friend Tattoo Ideas for Women

20 Awesome Best Friend Tattoo Concept Designs

Best friend tattoo ideas are distinctive since the tattoo refers to a figure you admire with. What does one have to be compelled to take under consideration for best tattoo ideas? Affirmative, the primary one to think about in creating succor tattoo is to create certain a figure. During this case, it’s higher to require a figure that has special that means in your life. Of course, it takes you […]

Great Viking Warrior Tattoo Designsjpg

When Dealing with Viking Tattoo

A decision to do, make or have something might be accompanied by some pros and also cons. It always happens in everyone’s life because there are not all of the people who are agree with what your choices are. These also happen in order to beautify your lives so that your life will never get bored. In life, you have rights to do whatever you like and people also have […]

cute twin mermaid tattoo design for women

Some Unique and Cool Tattoo Designs

Something unique will create a different look and different perception too. Someone whose characteristic is unique will be easily remembered while some other people who are similar one another will be easily forgotten. That is not surprising news that someone or some people with strange and different characteristics will be the trend-setters on the era they are in. Having your own tattoo on the body was something unique and different […]

Aztec Tribal Tattoo on Sleeve

Tribal Tattoo Meanings and Functions from Time to Time

Tribal Tattoo is the most famous tattoo design than others. Most people choose this tattoo design to be applied on their skin due to the masculine impression brought by this design. However, how far you know about this tattoo design? The Origin Functions A long time ago, Tribal Tattoo was used to show someone’s identity of a certain tribe, religion, and also spiritual belief. This tattoo was also used to […]

awesome lotus flower tattoo on back for girl

Beautiful and Oriental Style Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Lotus flower tattoo designs are one of the examples of a tattoo designs that use oriental or eastern designs inspirations. This unique tattoo is quite popular in the eastern country such as japan, china and Taiwan because it holds a deep meaning behind its beautiful design. The lotus flower is considered as a symbol of life, grace and beauty. People who use this tattoo will be granted a grace in […]

sexy irish tattoo design ideas on breast

Exotic and Traditional Irish Tattoo designs

Irish tattoo designs are pretty exotic and unique because it is mainly based on the old mythology of ancient Europe. In the ancient times people of Europe especially the northern people are using worshiping the Norse god of pantheon as their deity. The Irish are also the same in the ancient times and some of them even using tattoo as a symbol of their exploit and bravery. The tattoo usually […]

compilations of aztec tattoos designs 2014

Some Aztec Tattoo Designs Used in Mini Comic

Aztec Tattoo designs could be interpreted in so many ways, most are used to be drawn to the body of the warriors/brave-men of the tribes, for ritual symbols, also could be used to differentiate between one tribe members to another. Most of their many symbols include the Aztec sun (most powerful and sacred symbol to the Aztecs), Aztec eagle (symbol used most because eagle flies closest to the sun), and […]

Awesome Religious Tattoos Design on Chest

Some Beautiful and Inspiring Religious Tattoo designs

Religious tattoo designs have many kinds of variants and different designs according to the religion it described. For examples, a Christianity religion tattoo designs will features cross tattoo designs and other symbols related with Christianity. On the other hand Buddha religious tattoo designs will features a more orient and eastern inspired tattoo designs such as the lotus flower which is considered as one of the symbols in the Buddha religion […]