Inspirative 3D Tattoo Design with Gun Tatto Style

Top 3D Tattoo Designs Software – 3D Tattoo Preview by Obsessive Ink

3D tattoo designs software allow you to see the picture before you apply it. The software helps you review the design and change it as you desired. Actually, tattoo is more awesome and interesting when in 3D designs. 3D tattoos require a skillfully artists for they can make realistic form of designed picture. This body art is very beautiful and costive as well. It is commonly used among teenagers and […]

small cute fox racing tattoo on foot

Get Inked with Fox Racing Tattoos

Fox Racing tattoos is a tattoo design using Fox Racing logo. Fox Racing (Fox Head, Inc.) is a brand for motocross gear, footwear, eyewear, clothing and bags. This company was founded in 1974 by Geoff Fox and Peter Fox. The head quarter of the company is in Irvine, California. Fox Racing built its business by developing products for motocross and racing engines for Yamaha. Today this company has become most […]

God Ganesha Tattoo Design Ideas on Arm

Cute and Beautiful Elephant Tattoo Designs for Women

Elephant tattoo designs are now become popular design among women because of its cuteness and spiritual meanings. Elephant symbolizes strength, wisdom, nobility, love, kindness, compassion, devotion and prosperity. Every symbol of elephants in every culture or religion has different meaning. In India, elephant is a Hindu god named Ganesha. Ganesha is believed as a wisdom, discernment and prosperity god. While to Buddha, elephant symbolize truth, peace, love, compassion and kindness. […]

Pretty Emma Watson with Tattoo Designs on Arm

Why Celebrities Love and Hate Their Tattoo Design?

Not only common people, celebrities also have such tattoos in their body as one of the sources of attraction. Many celebrities’ tattoos are famous among public, but some are not. Celebrity Tattoo Design is commonly derived from the personal perspective of the user. Thus, most celebrities admit that the tattoos they attach to their body are all meaningful for their privacy. Celebrities’ Tattoo Choosing Many celebrities use their body as […]

cool music tattoo design on arm

Some Unique and Cool Tattoo Designs

Something unique will create a different look and different perception too. Someone whose characteristic is unique will be easily remembered while some other people who are similar one another will be easily forgotten. That is not surprising news that someone or some people with strange and different characteristics will be the trend-setters on the era they are in. Having your own tattoo on the body was something unique and different […]

temporary henna tattos on foot

Temporary Tattoo Removal Products for Children

Temporary tattoo removal by brushing it with soap and water takes longer time and painful for children. There are some products that are more effective than soap and water in removing temporary tattoos. The following products are commonly used to remove temporary tattoos that stick to the skin that do not cause irritation because the material is soft and safe. However, make sure that your children’s skin does not have […]

meaningful tattoos quotes on arm for men and women

Meaningful Tattoos of Celebrities

Popular stars or celebrities are familiar with their stylish meaningful tattoos look. Some celebrities choose lyrics, symbols and quotes tattoos that have meaning to them as remembrance of their faiths and beliefs of certain things. The tattoos are also considered as creativity, work of arts and self-expression. These following popular stars have tattoos that meaningful for them on their body. Johnny Depp Attractive Tattoos Johnny Depp is a famous movie […]

graffiti tattoo design ideas on arm

Graffiti Tattoo Designs For Men

Graffiti tattoo designs become the main style among tattoo lovers nowadays. Tattoo itself has become the part of people nowadays. The main reason is because tattoo may always provide people with appearance enhancement. If we are talking about tattoo, you may recognize the most about in how people may look for the idea to get the most suitable option of tattoo from the marketplace. In this case, the idea to […]