50 cent tattoo design ideas

Why 50 Cent Tattoos Removed?

50 cent tattoos is known as contemporary style. Under his belly he has the head of Devils tattoo on the left side and head of Jesus tattoo on the right side. 50 cent also has word “Beau” tattoo on his neck and words “Southside”, 50 and Cold world tattoos on his back. While on his right outer bicep, there is a Battle Axe with Marquise tattoos. Warrior tattoos is on […]

beautiful permanent lips tattoo

Permanent Lips Tattoo Procedure

Lips tattoo is also known as permanent lips color. This tattoo can improve the appearance for both men and women. The lips will appear more defined and well-shaped with perfect natural color. This permanent lips coloring helps eliminate daily use of lips pencil and lipstick for women. It also helps correct and balance the uneven or asymmetry shape of lips. Have the lips tattooed by professional cosmetic tattoo practitioners and […]

new york quote tattoo design ideas for man

Famous New York Tattoo shops

New York has the most population in the United States. It is the center of economic, fashion, entertainment, education, and art including tattoo. There are a lot of New York tattoo shops in the city. They vary in style, design, creativity and safety. But do not worry, all tattoo shop and artist in New York has met the standard of safety and medical in tattooing and most of them provide […]

Cool Star Shoulder Tattoos for Woman

Several Popular Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder tattoos are one of the popular tattoo ideas for any gender either it male or female. There are many different kinds of ideas and inspiration to make a good shoulder tattoo. For examples, you can try to use the mythical beast or legendary animal designs as your tattoo ideas for your shoulder. There are many kinds of different legendary animal such as dragons, phoenix or even the intimidating chimera […]

Cool Simple Small Tattoo Design with Tribal Style on Wrist

Small Wrist Tattoos For Couple

Small wrist tattoo is one of the cool idea. It helps you to look cute and beautiful. Basically, tattoo can put on everywhere in any part of your body. You can put it on your neck, hand, arm, and so on. But, mostly peopel put their tattoos on arm, neck, stomach, and chest. For you who have mate, get a twin tattoo on your wrist and your mate wrist is […]

Kanji Quote Tattoo Designs with Flower on Arm

Feel Your Lover on Your Body with Japanese Kanji Tattoo Design

Love is a never ending material to be talked. It makes people feel happy, alive, grateful and broken, frustrated, desperate as well. For them who are in love and feel the sweetness of love, there are many ways they do to express their feeling toward their lover, one of them is tattooing their lover’s name on their body. To make the name more artistic and a little bit secret, you […]

best tattoo designs

The Magnificent Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are one of the examples of a unique body art panting and still exist in the common society. Before we describe about dreamcacther tattoo we need to know that tattoo is using two kinds of paints, first is permanent paint and the second is temporary paint. For people, tattoo is just body art to make the creativity and also to doing some hobby. A tattoo artist usually […]

Sweet Peacock Feather Tattoo on Foot

The Aesthetic of Peacock Feather Tattoos

Peacock feather tattoos is the best tattoos design for most people. Peacock, the name of bird is really amazing. This bird has beautiful feather and so colorful. For this reason, people start to imitate the beautiful feather of peacock, then put it on their body. Most people say peacock feather is really amazing. The feather of peacock represent the beauty of the bird. It has much of aesthetic values. Moreover, […]